Success Stories


Lifetimes together? Reunited!

Words from Rui (July 2023):

Hi Jill,

I've been so grateful to your website since last October when I first received message from Stuart who becomes my partner now. We are so much similar to each other, have so much common interests, the strong connection between us could come from past lives which is also suggested from our astrology charts. Amazing! I couldn't find such a conscious partner without your website.

Even we were separated by Atlantic Ocean, we strived to meet finally.....the fire gets stronger, no matter how difficult it is, we believe the invincible power between us will drive us together.


Words from Stuart:

Hi Jill

Rui and I first started communicating via your website in October 2022. After a month, we decided to take our communications off the site and since November we have been in touch every day. And with each day that passed, we found ourselves bonding more closely. I always looked forward to hearing the message notification sound on my phone!

Our interactions have been so effortless and natural.  We are so comfortable with each other. We have so many similar interests in the areas of spiritual growth, metaphysics, alternative knowledge  etc.

Since ours is a long-distance relationship (I am in the UK and Rui is in the US) we found that using a messaging app was a great way of staying in touch. We also used Skype for video dates, and we were even able to watch films "together" too. The wonders of modern technology meant that a long-distance relationship was more viable than it would have been in the past.

Rui came into my life just before my most difficult time, and she was a ray of light for me when I most needed it. I strongly believe that people come into our lives for a reason, and that the universe brought us together at the perfect time. We both feel we've been rewarded by finding each other.

We also feel that we may have a past life connection, and I even arranged for our astrological charts to be done which suggested this too. 

After 7 months of messaging each other, we finally met in person when I visited her in the US. The time we spent together was wonderful, full of memorable moments and tender expressions of love, and it cemented our relationship further. I am so grateful to have found your website, and so grateful to have found Rui.

In the long term, we want to be together but first there are practical hurdles to overcome, due to our being on different continents and Rui's status in the US. But we are sure that the love and bond between us is strong enough to overcome any challenges.


 UPDATE: They are now married: 2024!